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Buy critical kush online- Critical Kush is an Indica strain which provides outcomes of strong, full-body relaxation and mental relief. It is Barney’s Farm’s brainchild, the California-based growers who gave us such powerful strains as LSD and Liberty Haze. A cross between the Critical Mass that has fallen from Afghanistan and none other than OG Kush is Critical Kush. The cannabis research center gives this herb consistently high scores, with THC measurements ranging from 16 percent to 29 percent . With that kind of power to put you in serious conditions, Sensitive Kush is almost assured.

Critical Kush sets itself apart with medium to wide nuggets of resin-filled goodness. As you’d expect from a pure Indica, the buds are packed tightly. The leaves are a bright spring-green hue, and the deep orange pistils are twisted. With a network of glossy trichomes, the inner and outer surfaces of these large buds are covered. It makes it really hard to break them up without a grinder.

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When properly handled, Essential Kush flowers emit a dank, earthy odor. To brighten things up, there are some hints of citrus, an aroma that becomes much more obvious when grinding this bud, but the impression is dank and kushy overall. Sensitive Kush, when combusted, can burn with a harsh and acrid smoke that can sting the eyes and sinuses.

This thick smoke, with a hard, spicy pop, tastes like pine on the exhale. Lastly, Vital Kush can be a very pungent smoke, and anyone looking to keep their use discreet should take all necessary precautions. Since Critical Kush offers a true creeper of a high, after their first toke, smokers may wait for a while before increasing the dose.

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