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Holy Grail Shatter

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Buy Holy Grail Shatter Online

Buy Holy Grail Shatter Online – With big dense buds which appear in 9 to 10 weeks, the plants are easy to grow. Smoking is so much more enjoyable with the crystals of shiny, exquisite buds.

When you’re home from a difficult, exhausting day at work, and plopping right on the sofa, the perfect strain to smoke. Put yourself on some numbing mind TV and let the Holy Grail calm you, ease your mind, and take away all sorts of body aches.

The long-lasting impact made it good not to have to smoke another one the same night and it was a bonus because it took away my back pain for a long time.

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Holy grail shatter

The smoky flavor is earthy, pungent, and almost pine. Although the good citrus scent makes it quick to sink in.

Holy Grail is a strong hybrid octane that induces high resilience and dynamics. It is a perfect choice for the late afternoon or evening because of its gradual change from a concentrated cerebral high to a relaxing body high. Kosher Kush is his maternal strain, describing the impact of the Holy Grail on both mind, body and soul, which can be calming and uplifting at the same time.

Aroma: The strain inherits the thick pine and citrus aroma of its parent, “The OG # 18.”

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Buy Holy Grail Shatter Online at 420procannabisdispensary

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