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Lavender Kush

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Lavender by Soma Seeds is crafted from strains all over the world and comes from Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Hawaiian Afghani. Also known as Lavender Kush, this strain has thick buds that give off a floral and spicy aroma. At the ends of its leaves, it has a dark purple colouration. Lavender by Soma Seeds has its roots in Super Skunk, Big Skunk Korean, and Afghani Hawaiian, built from strains across the globe. It is also called Lavender Kush and consists of thick buds that give off a floral, spicy aroma. Lavender Kush has a dark purple coloration at the ends of its leaves.

It also hits hard and may knock out the novice users of the night. A mild euphoria, extreme hunger, and a lazy tingly high body defined as sedating will feel for those with more experience. Both dry eyes and mouth, and dizziness can be some of the negative effects. Users can also experience increased levels of anxiety or fear. Buy kush lavender online

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Please be mindful about the amount you use if you are not used to this strain. Please feel free to click on WhatsApp to contact us. Lavender kush for sale online

Crafted from a blend of Lavender and an undetermined Kush strain, Lavender Kush took the cannabis world by storm in the early 2000s. Buy lavender kush online This indica-dominant hybrid has become a go-to strain for sleep disorder strugglers, winner of one Cannabis Cup. Thanks to its Indica dominance and delivering reasonable yields, Lavender Kush seeds are not difficult to develop. Just be warned: A little goes a long way with Lavender Kush. After a single hit, novice users would possibly fall to sleep. Lavender kush available for sale online

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Buy lavender kush online at 420procannabisdispensary

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