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Buy Purple Haze online- Purchase Purple Haze Online. Purple Haze is a hybrid strain dominant in sativa (85 percent sativa/15 percent indica). A strong cross between the uncommon and common strains of Purple Thai X Haze.

Also, this dank bud boasts an average 14-19 percent THC level and a variety of results for sativa and indica. Purple Haze, named after Jimi Hendrix’s classic 1967 song, is one of the most successful strains ever, thanks to its success in the 1960s.

The Purple Haze is highly by users as one of the cerebral stimulation of almost immediate high energy followed by an intense sense of artistic creativity and blissful satisfaction.

You may feel a mild buzz in your body that heats up and spreads from your head and neck across the rest of your body. Buy Purple Haze Online Because of those strong effects.

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For patients with conditions like tiredness, mild to moderate depression and persistent stress or anxiety, it is a perfect strain to treat. With rich purple undertones, Purple Haze has long, thick pepper nugs that are light minty green.

These nugs are coated with a thin layer of milky white trichomes and sweet sticky resin on long, thin, light, and dark purple hair. Purple Haze has a soft earthy clover scent with a pungent berry taste and a touch of spice.

This may be one of the most popular strains in the world, thanks to Jimi Hendrix’s hit single. “Purple Haze,” You’ll understand after you smoke this one, why it was named after a famous rock band. Purple Haze’s Sativa dominant genetics will send you an unforgettable head-high. Which can even spill into the realm of psychedelic trippiness.

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