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Buy Strawberry Cough Online

Buy Strawberry Cough Online- Strawberry Cough is an award-winning Sativa strain. That focuses on properties that relieve flavor and stress while enhancing both innovation and effectiveness. It was founded in 2000 by Kyle Kushman, the former High Times editor, himself a master breeder. The strain, varying from 15 to 20 percent THC, is a cross between Strawberry Fields and evergreen Haze. Emerald Cannabis Works achieved Strawberry Cough’s highest THC level (22.98 per cent) in 2001. In fighting exhaustion, tension, and promoting a positive mental state, the Sativa genes and moderate THC concentrations make their buds ideal for daytime use.

The strain’s lush flowers are large and chunky, and Strawberry Cough is more reminiscent of what is usual, except in its form, contrary to their Sativa genetics. It has bulky, tightly packed leaves, with Sativa genes showing the bud’s conical shape in between.

Unlike other cannabis types, the Strawberry Cough type is threaded through with red rather than orange pistils. The leaves are sticky and covered by cloudy amber trichomes that add even more magic to their already exotic appearance.

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You’ll find a fragrance of juicy strawberries with a subtle peppery spice pop when you open your newly purchased Strawberry Cough container. More importantly, the scent carries on to the strain’s fragrance, giving the initial taste of strawberries and even more sweetness on the exhale. But remember to inhale it with care, because it didn’t come out of the blue with the word “Cough”

It helps you feel a reflective high coming up quickly by smoking the buds of Strawberry Cough. While users can feel unsettled initially, this pressure will make your senses razor-sharp in the right setting. Strawberry Cough works well to encourage positive talks.  Is also able to inspire people to get through everyday tasks with ease. In fact, Strawberry Cough has a particular ability to make one accessible to new, non-linear thoughts that are invaluable to creative minds.

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Buy Strawberry Cough Online

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