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Buy packwoods online – With 2 grams of top shelf grass, 1 gram of premium wax, Packwoods are rolled, dipped in hash oil and then rolled in Kief. WAY to many to smoke with a group of people in one session, never mind one person alone. NO SALIVA WALLED With Water. Packwoods for sale

The Blunt Hemp Guava Packwood. THC: 14.30 percent (Packwoods) Instead of a high pure body or a high head, it yields a high balance. He smells of a very tropical, sweet & citrus scent when smoking. Guava is a Gelato phenotype and a Cookies Fam sativa-leaning hybrid.

Prerolls from Packwoods produce 2 grams of top-shelf flowers that are separated by hand and never ground up. They use strain-specific concentrations to balance and infuse the flower.

Dense bulbs with an oily shine and distinctive Indica characteristics. A green and deep purple neon bed includes glimmers of burnt orange fur.

Online pre-rolled joints are purchased while the plant is alive. Large trichomes create a gritty sand and paper texture. Aroma: Strong fruit and hard soil. Ripe berries married with subtle undertones of sugar and a smooth pastry dough are also present, a strain which lives up to its name.

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Packwoods for sale online – The initial pre-roll of Packwoods, born in LA, consists of two grams of flower, dipped in concentrate, dusted in kief, and wrapped in a 100 percent tobacco-free wrap with an engineered glass filter. A favorite party crowd has been this hand-rolled masterpiece, and a staple for any cannabis connoisseur. Pre-roll blunts are a privilege of Altadis USA for packwoods. Buy Packwoods today from our store online.

The latest strain is Guava Kush, making its debut sometime between 2010-2014. Knowledge about this strain is scarce, inconsistent and only only only at opposite ends of the spectrum. Fortunately, nearly every source confirms that in 2014 this Sativa-dominant hybrid strain was competing

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